Taking delivery on our new overlanding trailer

Updated: May 15

We brought our Vorsheer XER trailer home today (insert excited dance here). After so much time researching, deliberating, and dreaming, it seems a little surreal sitting in our garage. As soon as we got it home, we spent hours going through it, planning where to put things, noting modifications we wanted to make, and figuring out all the appliances and accessories.

This was our first time buying a trailer or recreational vehicle, so we weren't sure what to expect. Now that we've been through it—in hopes of helping those new to the experience as well—here is what we experienced when taking delivery on our new overlanding trailer.

There were a lot of little pieces and parts

The woman who walked us through the trailer was handing us all kinds of keys, papers, straps, and cords that went to the trailer, and we didn't bring anything to put them in. If I could do it again, I would bring a tote or bag to keep all the items together as they are handed to us. To make sure none of it was lost, we bought a cloth toolbox to hold all the pieces and parts and keep it in the front bin of the trailer with the batteries and electronics.

The dealership provided a choice of hitch heights

Because we haven't put a lift on the Tacoma yet, we were concerned the trailer wouldn't ride level since it sits higher than the truck. However, our dealership provided us with different drop hitch size options (which we flipped upside down) to make it as level as possible. We ended up with a 5.25", which makes the trailer dip just a little, but is acceptable until we make the truck's lift mods.

We double-checked we were given everything

As I said before, there were many pieces and parts, and we were a bit concerned we didn't we weren't given everything by the dealership. When we got it home, we made sure we had all the accessories. For example, the outlet cord for the fridge, the awning stakes, and the tent's rainfly poles. We were disappointed to discover Vorsheer does not supply any manual for the trailer, so some things were trial and error, like figuring out how to pull out the stove grate to clean it, or what each of the switches turns on/off (stay tuned for a post and video of this). Additionally, we went through the manuals for the appliances and axle in detail, looking at maintenance schedules and ensuring none of them required registrations for warranty purposes.


We do not have a three-bay garage and no place on our property to store the trailer year-round, so we got a storage spot at a local Stor-it. The only thing they had available is an outdoor space, which is okay. Since it is November and the dealership put water in the tank and ran it through the pump and water heater, Jared had to figure out a way to drain and winterize the trailer so we can park it confidently without worrying about the freezing temps breaking something. Stay tuned for a blog post on how to winterize the trailer.

The Vorsheer XER overlanding trailer is the most exciting purchase we have made since our Tacoma back in 2015. To learn about how we weighed our options for the right trailer, check out our buying considerations blog post.

With the time and freedom the XER affords us, we are so excited to get lost in new and familiar wilderness alike. We feel very blessed to be part of the overlanding community and to have the ability to share our adventures with you.

Until next time, wishing you safe travel to anyplace wild.

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