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Hi there, we are Jared and Nicole. We started this blog to document the overlanding adventures of our little family consisting of us and our two Boston Terriers Zoey and Mazy.

As life-long outdoor enthusiasts, we wanted a way to see more wilderness and make heading to the mountains after a long work week easy as hitching up a trailer. My husband, Jared, has been interested in overland trailers since 2014, but I'm a newer fan thanks to Lifestyle Overland and Expedition Overland. After watching those shows it's hard not to catch the wanderlust bug and imagine what life could be outside of the everyday hustle and bustle.


When we bought our Vorsheers trailer, we noticed two things were lacking in the overlanding community: 1) information and first-hand reviews on the Vorsheers trailers, and 2) overlanding from a learner's perspective. Anyplace Wild hopes to fill that gap and give you some fresh content of our successes, fails, and lessons learned (so hopefully you don't have to). Thank you so much for being here.

Wishing you safe travels to anyplace wild!


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